In the beautiful hills to the north of the city, this Bandung hotel stands out from the crowd. Consistently the highest-rated hotel in the area by travellers, people love the facilities, the staff, and especially the location. Stunning views are available from all rooms, in the peaceful surrounds of hillside forests.

About Bandung

Bandung is an interesting city often overlooked by overseas travellers. The city feels very different from its neighbour, Jakarta, only a 3 hour car ride away. The weather is cooler for starters (especially up in the mountains) but the people (laregly Sundanese people) are noted for their friendliness, and food options in the area are endless and delicious!

But surrounding the city are arguably the highlights. From the hot springs around Lembang, to the tea and coffee plantations in the hills, the scenery is stunning and day trips to the mountains are a must.

Hotel in the forests

Or, stay in the mountans. And Padma seems like a perfect choice. It’s a big place, but still manages to mainatin a relaxed countryside feeling. The rooms are luxurious, the staff are attentive, and they organise a whole host of activities which will keep the whole family amused.

So next time you’re searching for a hotel in Bandung, consider a hotel outside the city, and experience the tranquil surroundings of great resorts like this one.

Find more info

They have a website which has all of their rates, different room types and plenty of photos to wet your appetite.

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