Located in South-East Asia, the thousands of islands which make up the Indonesian Archipelago are as diverse as they are numerous.

From the dense tropical jungles of Sumatra and Borneo, to the arid islands of East Nusa Tenggara, and from the tribes of Papua to the rich culture and history of Bali, Indonesia never fails to surprise.

For centuries a Dutch colony, Indonesia won its independence after the second world war, brought together under one language and one national identity. But travel the Indonesian islands and you’ll soon discover that each place you visit feels very different from the last: the language changes, the food changes, the tradions are different.

Indonesians are generally very friendly and warm-hearted. Apart from parts of Bali, perhaps, most places have not experienced long-term mass tourism, and as a result you’ll feel much more welcome than in other parts of Asia. Plus there are some stunning places to see which are yet to be fully discovered by tourism, Get there while you can!

There’s something for everyone in Indonesia. Our advice if you’re planning a trip through the country is try not to do too much, too quickly. You can’t hope to see everything in justa couple of weeks, so plan to stay in each place for a while – this way you can really get to know the people, the culture, the food.

Getting around the islands of Indonesia is relatively easy, as local flights are cheap and airlines are generally reliable. On the road the situation might be different. There’s unbparallelled levels of traffic in the big cities, and the roads running through the islands are often potholed and so progress can be slow and bumpy. But that’s all part of the adventure, and on arrival you’re sure to find something a bit special, wherever you choose to go. If it were too easy, everyone would do it!

This site will include places to stay for any budget. Being in a 5 star hotel doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a taste of the local culture, and being in a cheap guesthouse doesn’t mean you have to expect less luxury. We’re finding the very best in each category, so whatever your budget, however long yourt trip, hotels-in-indonesia.com will have the perfect choice for you.